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Client Testimonials

Client Association Executive Director Testimonials

Our new magazine is a first-class achievement and a credit to the Hoffmann Publishing Group’s sales, editorial and design team. In addition to eliminating our production and printing expenses, The Berks Barrister is doing a great job of raising our profile and re-enforcing our branding with our membership, affiliates with the legal profession and other key stakeholders. From a personal point of view, the Hoffmann staff is so easy with whom to work, open to my suggestions and ideas.  Thanks to their expertise, my colleagues around Pennsylvania write and call, expressing their envy over our possessing such a quality publication. I cannot imagine not having Hoffmann Publishing Group as a partner.

– Donald F. Smith, Jr., Executive Director, Berks County Bar Association

Thanks to Hoffmann Publishing Group’s leadership and creative staff, the Medical Record’s new editorial and design format now provides us with a strong forum to communicate with our membership. Additionally, Hoffmann Publishing’s distribution strategies have helped us broaden our message beyond our existing membership, allowing us to engage, educate and connect with all stakeholders of our community.

– Bruce Weidman, Retired Executive Director, Berks County Medical Society

Hoffmann Publishing Group, formerly Niemczyk Hoffmann Group, delivers an exceptional publishing solution for the Home Builders Association of Berks County (HBA) in At Home in Berks magazine. It encompasses design, editorial assistance, advertising sales, production, and distribution. They have helped us simplify our communications management & administration while providing access to design & sales teams that are not only resourceful, efficient, and always on time; but, full of creative enthusiasm & fresh ideas. Hoffmann Publishing Group is, in a word, Outstanding!

– Christian D. Malesic, MBA, IOM Executive Officer, Home Builders Association of Berks County

Advertiser & Reader Testimonials

Kudos to (Hoffmann Publishing) – I think this magazine (Commerce Quarterly) was very much needed in the community!

– Kristi Gage, VP, Gage Personnel

Power Kunkle has been very happy with the overall value we receive by advertising in the Berks Barrister and Medical Record. The publication looks great and it reaches the type of client we are looking to attract.

Andy Schreffler, Benefits Consultant, Power Kunkle.

When our local Home Builders Association of Berks County decided to look into replacing our News Letter that we published ourselves every month with something that not only reached our members but the consumer as well, I saw a great opportunity to do advertising with our local Association. It was Hoffmann Publishing that was chosen to put out a magazine six times a year that would go out to members, consumers and even some professional offices, such as Doctors, Dentists, etc. Never having worked with Hoffmann Publishing before I was extremely pleased with how well their design team was willing to work with me and the willingness to use an ad that I already had created. I found that they were not like some other companies where they feel the need to redo the ad you have already created. I find it refreshing that the ad is never in the exact same spot monthly since I only have a quarter page and it could get over looked depending on the article around it. I find consumers telling me they saw my ad in their doctor’s office or dentist’s office and realize that it could only be the At Home in Berks Magazine that they are referring to. Hoffmann Publishing has been a great company to work with over the past couple years not only personally but as a member of the HBA Association as well.

– Cathy Sloan, President, Aluminum Associates, Sloan Corporation

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