Advertiser Benefit

Advertisers benefit from our diverse readership, which includes defined demographic and geographic opportunities to reach ideal prospects with affordable advertising rates and packages.

Distinct benefits include:

  • Comparable Market Ad Rates
  • Cross-Market and Multi-Placement Discounts
  • Tens of Thousands of Readers with Each Title and Market
  • Repeat Readership with Qualified, Targeted Audience
  • Highly Educated, Higher Income Readers with Disposable Income
  • Higher Concentration of Home and Business Owners
  • Readers Invested in Their Communities
  • Extended Readership Through
    – High-Traffic Distribution in Health & Wellness Locations
    – Bulk Retail Distribution within Select Titles
    – Bulk Community Distribution at Fairs, Programs and Events
    – Integrated Digital Version with Hyperlinks
    – Increased Social Media Exposure Driven by Respective Associations and Organizations

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